Customize-Your-Own Small Square Magnet, Pack of 25 - NEW!
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3.55" x 3.55" square with rounded corners

Introducing the latest in our line of custom magnets:  THE SMALLS!

Don't let their name fool you - the Smalls mean Big things!

They're PERFECT for promotion, advertising, and donor gifts!  Give them to your supporters at your event booths as thank you's for money donations.  Walking in a parade?  Hand out a Small custom magnet along with the other treats you give parade-goers.  Send them to your donors if you do gifts for your financial supporters.  Include them in your adoption kits when the dear animals in your care head to their forever homes.  The Smalls give you even more options to make custom magnets work for you!

A super size, the Smalls are purchased in multiples of 25 and come with an equally super price to make great things happen for your group:

Qty  25 - 250 = $1.00 each

Qty 251 - 500 = $0.95 each

Qty 501 - 750 = $0.90 each

Qty 751 - 1000 = $0.85 each

Qty 1001+ = $0.80 each

  • Item #: CUSTSMALL110

Customize-Your-Own Small Square Magnet, Pack of 25 - NEW!

Price: $25.00
11 or more: $23.75 each
21 or more: $22.50 each
31 or more: $21.25 each
41 or more: $20.00 each
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