About Us

For over 17 years Fundraising4pets.com has served animal rescue organizations and individual animal lovers alike, and we’re delighted to be here 4 years now with the honor and pleasure of serving you!  

The best things in life are indeed furry, and we love animals like you do!  There was never a time our families didn’t include at least one pet.  Fuzzy, Boodle, Zeus, Missy, Inky, Coalie, Emmy, Bodger, Opie - and now, Mookie & Mimi, plus Arya, Tyrion & Sam...our foster kittens who were home sweet forever home all along. They all have cultivated in us paw-shaped hearts, just like yours.  Their furry faces are the reason we are here today as the new owners of Fundraising4pets.com

Our low prices at Fundraising4pets.com allow you to double, triple, or quadruple your investment. We offer you the best materials, the best service, and the best prices to help you reach your fundraising goals and make a big impact for the dear animals in your care. 

We create top quality car magnets for everyone who loves animals, and we at Fundraising4pets.com personally make each magnet for you.  Our magnets help our clients raise money and promote their organizations, and they can add a bit of zest to your car, kitchen, or office while showing you love your pet and support the cause for paws.

We’re here for you and here to help you help them!  Excellent customer service is our priority.  We welcome your feedback and enjoy hearing from you!  Give us a call, or send an email.  We’d love to hear from you and find out more about you, your group, and the critters in your care.  It’s an honor serving wonderful people like you doing the wonderful work you do! 

Thank you for everything you do for these sweet animals, and thank you for choosing us to help you help them!